Who is it for

Modern time tracking and time management tool for companies that need  a full history of the worked hours of their employees. 

It’s perfect for managing project or location based time tracking, where  the manager needs to know the worked hours on a project, for a specific client, or in a specific locations of the company. 

It can also be used to track employees that spend a lot of time on the road, and where the time needed to reach client, or the time spent there can be optimized.

With a minimalist interface, it’s easy to use even by users that don’t have a lot of technical knowledge.

Project management becomes easy. Managers will always know  in real time what was done and what still needs to be finished for every project. 

The application can be integrated with other project tracking software, or an internal task management tool can be used to track task progress. 

Track your projects better
Get crucial information, and keep them on schedule and on budget.

Manage your team easily
See how much time and effort is put by everyone in their tasks.

Don’t lose money
Keep a detailed time tracking so you can bill every hour spent on a project, or know how much time your employees actually spend at work.

How it works

Web administration panel


Users that use the mobile application can log in in the web application to see their history, generate reports, or change account details.


Administrators have full access to a suite of functionalities to manage user time tracking in different locations, or for different projects. They can see who has the time tracking started in the current day, for what project, or in which location. Also they can edit worked intervals for users in the previous days, if a user was not able to track correctly.

A range of reports are also available, that can be exported in different formats, like Excel, or PDF.

User management is also handled by the admin account. They can create users, teams, projects or locations and assign users to teams/projects.


The mobile application offers 2 possibilities for tracking time, either scanning a QR code associated with the project or location, or by scanning a NFC tag. 

Designed for teams that work in different locations, the application can be used either installed on each user’s phone (Android or IOS), either one team leader can have the application installed, and the team members can scan their NFC tag on his device. 

The application requires the location permission to restrict the user to start and stop the time tracking just in a specific location.



One account, no teams, self time tracking
  • One user
  • Unlimmited tracking
  • Acces to the mobile app


Full access to all features
6 + 2 € for each additional user / Monthly
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Unlimited number of locations
  • Unlimited number of teams
  • Detailed reports
  • Premium support